Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Plastic Flesh

''You were born an original, Don't die a copy''- John Mason.
Every day we are bombarded with images of the supposedly perfect face or body. We helplessly abide by society's idea of beauty, and this ends up becoming an unhealthy obsession, leading to pain and destruction. Every time you stare into the mirror and find one negative, find two positives - Georgina Field, 2013.
In this photo shoot I wanted to play along the themes of beauty, age, obsession, and real vs. unreal. I used my mother and my ball jointed doll as models. I applied make-up on her face to make her skin look as smooth and ''plastic'' as possible. The colour of the hair represents age, the doll has white hair yet has a young looking face. With this, I want to show that you are as young as you feel. Age should not prevent an individual from expressing themselves. Despite this, the subject is desperately trying to look young and is comparing herself to the doll in the mirror. In turn, she tries to act like it in an attempt to remain ''young'', but she is only hurting herself in return.

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