Saturday, 10 August 2013

Collage Experiments

I wanted to experiment with collage using various materials and images from the internet and magazines. My aim was to explore androgyny in relation to the human face and body.
In the first experiment, I found an image on the internet with ambiguous bodies juxtaposed onto each other. I carefully selected and cut out parts from it, removing any figure with genital organs. I did this in order to make the viewer unaware as to whether the bodies belonged to a male or a female. I then used a Japanese brush pen and drew incomplete figures. I did this in order to show that androgynous people are neither completely male or female. They are somewhere 'floating' in between. Androgyny is not only something physical, but mental. An individual should not only be judged according to their gender but their mental state also. The fourth experiment is based on more or less the same idea but is differently presented. The second and third experiment consist of the words ''What You See Is Not What It Is''. This refers to the confusion people face when they come across androgynous people. One may look female but is actually male, and vice versa. The fifth experiment consists of faces placed next to each other. I wrote certain statements, questioning androgyny and the topics that surround it. For sixth experiment I used my wall as a canvas and stuck various images from magazines. I wanted to compare and observe similarities of characteristics from both men and women.

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