Thursday, 20 February 2014

Blurred Face

The inspiration for this painting came from one of my previous works 'Ambiguity'  I wanted to create my own response to the photograph, the way I see and perceive it. The face is blurred because the subject no longer knows who she is. She is confused and trying to find herself again. The red 'tear' symbolizes pain. She is trying to make a decision that is difficult to make. In life, in order to progress, sometimes we need to loose and find ourselves again, almost like a reconstruction. We take what we experience in the past, learn from it, and start anew.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Faceless Identity

The face is part of our identity, without a face, we do not have one. Sometimes we believe we know somebody but in fact we do not, people are not who they seem. We no longer recall somebody we once loved dearly, so our image of that person is blurred, hence the 'faceless' image.  I removed the subject's facial features but kept some of the depth so that there are traces of what used to be there. 

Popular Culture

In this series of photo manipulations, I want to show the obsession we have with popular culture. I slightly altered the facial features without changing the face shape, body or clothes, to give it a disturbing  look. The eyes are widened and the nose and mouth are small, resembling those of manga characters. The  eyes are also widened to show the massive intake of information. We become so obsessed with something,  that we end up becoming or believing we are what we consume. I think this idea works better as a series  than if it was just one image because it emphasizes that it is a mass problem, not an individual one. My aim is  to create even more of these to fill up a whole wall, so that it is almost viral. This will be intimidating for the viewer.