Saturday, 8 March 2014

Half Female, Half Male

For this photo shoot, I was inspired by the music video ''Tous Les Memes'' by Stromae. In the video, half of the singer's face is male and the other half is female. He is playing both the role of the male and female. The song is about relationships and the troubles that come with them. Some verses from the song are 'all men are the same' and 'we deserve better'. In the end love and beauty fades and you are left with trust and respect for each another. I have immersed myself back into my main topic, Androgyny. I wanted to attempt the 'cliche' idea of a half female half male face, but interpret it in my own way, hopefully creating a more powerful and different approach. It was challenging to make one side of my face completely feminine and the other completely masculine. I tried to make it as subtle as possible, yet having contrast at the same time. I also wanted half of the body to be female and the other half to be male, to match the face and emphasize the differences of males and females.

Collaborative Photoshoot- Lolita Fashion

This is collaborative photo shoot I did with my good friend, Melissa Sacco. Her fine art blog can be found here: and her other blog here Since we are both into Japanese culture and fashion we wanted to try out taking some photographs at Hatfield House with lolita dresses that we had recently bought. The photo shoot started quite simply, where we took photographs of each other's outfits and group photos. Towards the end of the shoot we were a bit more creative and tried some more 'abstract' shots. These included us laying down on the stairs and hiding behind curtains. The results were quite surreal and peculiar.