Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Clay Sculpture

For my work placement, I worked with the Cypriot artist Christopher Christou. This inspired me to get back into sculpture. I would like to go back and collaborate with the artist sometime in the future and further discuss my ideas with him. I wanted to challenge myself by creating a sculpture by looking at my face in the mirror simultaneously (using my face as reference). The result didn't come out quite as I had wanted and so decided to leave the sculpture unfinished. The only part I liked was the mouth and the face in profile. Therefore, I tried experimenting with photography. I wanted to explore the relationship between the real and non-real. I tried hiding parts of the face with my hands. I also asked my mum and dad to contribute.

    Here are some of the experimental photographs:

Monday, 29 April 2013

BJD Photoshoot

For this photoshoot, I attempted to turn myself into a ball-jointed doll. I have had an obsession with these dolls for a long time and I currently own two of them. I wanted to reflect this obsession onto myself, the same way I did with the Androgyny Photoshoot. I was assisted by Stefania Papayianni who helped me with the make-up and photographs. I looked at various images of ball-jointed dolls as reference, in particular modern asian ball-jointed dolls. I was also inspired by the artists Hans Bellmer, Cindy Sherman and Hellen Van Meene, including some images I found on Google. I drew on the joints manually using black and brown eyeshadow to avoid harshness. I wanted to give the joints a subtle look. It was a challenging and tricky procedure as it was difficult to get all of the joints to look the same. I tried posing in ways that are not typical of the way a human poses. I really enjoyed this photoshoot because it gave me the chance to express what I love using myself as a canvas. Here are some photos I selected from the photoshoot:

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Portrait of Adam

During the Easter holidays, I went back to Cyprus to spend time with my family and did my work placement. I got the chance to take some photographs of my brother. I liked one of the photographs so I decided to attempt to turn it into a painting. At first, I was planning to paint only some parts of the face, leaving the rest unfinished to let the viewer's imagination complete the image. However, I ended up blurring half of his face, putting emphasis on the eye. The left half could suggest clarity, the right half could suggest mystery and confusion. There is a part of him that knows what he wants but the other is that he is unsure of himself and is still searching to find his path in life. I am not sure if I will paint some other parts of the painting or leave it unfinished, but for now this is its current appearance.

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Androgyny Portrait

I decided to create an oil painting inspired by one of the photographs from my ''Androgyny Photoshoot''.
My aim was to create something more realistic and life-like compared to my previous paintings, which have a more fantasy feel to them. I tried to pay more attention to colour, giving the skin a more flesh-like look. I also tried to focus on the gaze, making it almost intimidating, wanting the subject to confront the viewer directly and affect them in some way. Is it male? Is it female? I believe that I have improved since my last painting as I have become more conscious of colour harmony and detail. I would like to experiment more with different styles of painting and ways of presenting my work.

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