Monday, 29 April 2013

BJD Photoshoot

For this photoshoot, I attempted to turn myself into a ball-jointed doll. I have had an obsession with these dolls for a long time and I currently own two of them. I wanted to reflect this obsession onto myself, the same way I did with the Androgyny Photoshoot. I was assisted by Stefania Papayianni who helped me with the make-up and photographs. I looked at various images of ball-jointed dolls as reference, in particular modern asian ball-jointed dolls. I was also inspired by the artists Hans Bellmer, Cindy Sherman and Hellen Van Meene, including some images I found on Google. I drew on the joints manually using black and brown eyeshadow to avoid harshness. I wanted to give the joints a subtle look. It was a challenging and tricky procedure as it was difficult to get all of the joints to look the same. I tried posing in ways that are not typical of the way a human poses. I really enjoyed this photoshoot because it gave me the chance to express what I love using myself as a canvas. Here are some photos I selected from the photoshoot:

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