Thursday, 10 October 2013

Male Torso

Inspired by the artist Jonathan Yeo, I created an oil painting combining collage. I used my own photograph as reference for the torso and found images from the internet and magazines for the collage. I tried to match up the colours and tones of the collage as closer to the painting as possible.
I want to show that whether we are male or female we are all made up of the same matter. We are a mass of cells, tissues and organs. We all have flesh, and we all bleed.
As the artist Loreen states, ''We are all people, you have flesh, I have flesh, you bleed, I bleed''.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Muscle Anatomy

I tried experimenting with the human anatomy using charcoal and watercolours on canvas. 
I left some parts unfinished on purpose so that the process can be seen. It also allows the eye to wonder. 
It is quite challenging to paint over charcoal with watercolours as it blends with the charcoal, darkening the colour. It requires a lot of layers in order for it to become vibrant. 
I am considering to do a series of body parts on different canvases to resemble a collage.