Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Human Doll

This is an experimental stop motion film based on the previous photo shoot.

Plastic Flesh

''You were born an original, Don't die a copy''- John Mason.
Every day we are bombarded with images of the supposedly perfect face or body. We helplessly abide by society's idea of beauty, and this ends up becoming an unhealthy obsession, leading to pain and destruction. Every time you stare into the mirror and find one negative, find two positives - Georgina Field, 2013.
In this photo shoot I wanted to play along the themes of beauty, age, obsession, and real vs. unreal. I used my mother and my ball jointed doll as models. I applied make-up on her face to make her skin look as smooth and ''plastic'' as possible. The colour of the hair represents age, the doll has white hair yet has a young looking face. With this, I want to show that you are as young as you feel. Age should not prevent an individual from expressing themselves. Despite this, the subject is desperately trying to look young and is comparing herself to the doll in the mirror. In turn, she tries to act like it in an attempt to remain ''young'', but she is only hurting herself in return.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Portrait of Adam

I wanted to get back into painting so I decided to use a photo of my brother as reference. I had taken the photo in Ireland last year. I wanted to challenge myself by painting a landscape, which I haven't done in a long time. It was challenging to get the colours to look natural and it needed a lot of observation and focus. I tried to pay more attention to detail and get a step closer to realism while still keeping the soft, 'airbrushed' look. I particularly like the way the jumper turned out, it appears to be more three-dimensional than the clothing in my previous works. I want to keep improving and trying different painting methods, as well as experimenting with different media that I haven't used in the past.

Collage Experiments

I wanted to experiment with collage using various materials and images from the internet and magazines. My aim was to explore androgyny in relation to the human face and body.
In the first experiment, I found an image on the internet with ambiguous bodies juxtaposed onto each other. I carefully selected and cut out parts from it, removing any figure with genital organs. I did this in order to make the viewer unaware as to whether the bodies belonged to a male or a female. I then used a Japanese brush pen and drew incomplete figures. I did this in order to show that androgynous people are neither completely male or female. They are somewhere 'floating' in between. Androgyny is not only something physical, but mental. An individual should not only be judged according to their gender but their mental state also. The fourth experiment is based on more or less the same idea but is differently presented. The second and third experiment consist of the words ''What You See Is Not What It Is''. This refers to the confusion people face when they come across androgynous people. One may look female but is actually male, and vice versa. The fifth experiment consists of faces placed next to each other. I wrote certain statements, questioning androgyny and the topics that surround it. For sixth experiment I used my wall as a canvas and stuck various images from magazines. I wanted to compare and observe similarities of characteristics from both men and women.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Art Exhibitions - Vienna

This summer I visited Vienna where I had the chance to see works of artists I have always admired and studied since my O level, A level and Foundation examinations. This included Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Oskar Kokoshka. I visited the Belvedere Museum and the Leopold Museum. I was extremely touched and intrigued by the artists' work. The texture and lines used were very fragile and carefully planned out. Unfortunately, photographs were not permitted but I managed to take one snapshot of two works by Gustav Klimt. I also visited the Museum of Contemporary Art, 21er Haus. It included installations that were created by a number of different artists inside the actual gallery. Therefore, it was also a performance. The exhibition was entitled ''Gelatin''. Here are some photographs I managed to take:








I wanted to explore the theme of decision making and relationships with people. Some people are afraid of expressing their own opinions in fear of rejection. This sometimes causes many conflicts and people end up being in the middle of a situation, not knowing who and who not to agree with. I wanted to express this frustration through my art. I photographed myself and my dolls separately. I then expanded them to human size in Photoshop and placed them on either side of me. The dolls are symbolic of the people who try to influence you. My facial expression is neutral and slightly troubled, to emphasize the idea. Except from the message I am trying to convey, I also wanted to explore my recurring theme of real in relation to the unreal, and  flesh vs. plastic.