Thursday, 25 April 2013

Portrait of Adam

During the Easter holidays, I went back to Cyprus to spend time with my family and did my work placement. I got the chance to take some photographs of my brother. I liked one of the photographs so I decided to attempt to turn it into a painting. At first, I was planning to paint only some parts of the face, leaving the rest unfinished to let the viewer's imagination complete the image. However, I ended up blurring half of his face, putting emphasis on the eye. The left half could suggest clarity, the right half could suggest mystery and confusion. There is a part of him that knows what he wants but the other is that he is unsure of himself and is still searching to find his path in life. I am not sure if I will paint some other parts of the painting or leave it unfinished, but for now this is its current appearance.

    --->Painting Details

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