Sunday, 5 April 2015

Apothiki 79 Art Gallery

On March 14, I visited an exhibition at Apothiki 79 Gallery in Larnaka entitled, ''Little Boats are sailing as ships are sinking'' (5-18 March 2015) by Elizabeth Hoak- Doering.
It was an interesting and thought provoking exhibition. The work was thoughtfully and carefully placed. My favourite piece was the boat, which was made of pegs. It was very impressive, well calculated and thought out.
I also liked the paintings/drawings. They were very delicate and fragile. They were painted with white paint on glass, consisting of a red background. They were reproductions of symbols on a catholic cathedral wall.
It was also a pleasure to be able to talk to the artist and receive insight as to what the work was about. I found the title to be very clever as we do indeed involve ourselves with tiny problems when there are much bigger ones out there.

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