Monday, 17 November 2014

Treasure Island- Municipal Arts Centre Nicosia

I have recently started an MA degree in Digital Art & Design in the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. Last month, as part of our course we went to the Municipal Arts Centre to assist some younger students with their projects. All the students were in groups of threes and fours working on different topics. Their aim was to expand discourses of the past in Cyprus, recreate or intervene on something that was already there. They did this through performance, installation, painting and film.The group I had to work with dealt with the theme of prostitution. They dressed up a mannequin in provocative clothing and makeup and put her in a field where old whore houses used to be and filmed reactions of people passing by. Some people just passed by unfazed, some stared, some laughed, some even asked questions. So there was a variety of reactions. I helped by advising the students on where to place the camera and gave some of my opinions on what could be improved. Some of these houses were still working. They were very brave to take on such a project, as it was very controversial.

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