Monday, 18 February 2013

Androgyny Photoshoot

In this photoshoot, I tried to turn myself into an Androgynous man. I was assisted by Stefania Papayianni, who helped me with the make-up and photos.We tried to place heavy emphasis on the cheekbones, lips and eyebrows. I have noticed that most Androgynous male models have refined cheekbones, thick lips and eyebrows, which give them that feminine, yet ambiguous look. I was inspired by various Androgynous male models including Andrei Pejic, Martin Cohn, and Michael Tintuic. I was also inspired by the series ''I AM MAN'' by artist Amanda Morgan, who used her body as a canvas to portray the male figure. The difference between our work though is that she tried to turn herself into a man, while I tried to turn myself into an Androgynous man, which is more challenging because you have to be masculine while being feminine at the same time. I wanted the viewer to question whether I am male or female. It was one of the most challenging photoshoots I ever undertook and required a lot of trial and error to create that certain mysterious look and expression that androgynous people have. I noticed that only some angles of my face looked androgynous. The reason why I wanted to try out this shoot is because I always had an obssession with ambiguity and genderless beauty, and I wanted to see if I could reflect that interest onto myself.

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