Wednesday, 5 December 2012

'Timeline' Exhibition

I had a group exhibition with Eftichia Ioannou, Stefania Papayianni, Juhi Teli and Maria Charalambous at the Ramada Hotel this Sunday-Monday entitled 'Timeline'. The main event was an interactive installation where we had six wooden poles, surrounded with screws on all three sides. We invited people to 'map their own journey' using a piece of thread, as long as they wanted it to be, to express how far they have travelled and how many stops they have made.We allowed them to choose from five different coloured threads, depending on how they arrived at the hotel. Each thread represents a way of transport. e.g. The red coloured thread represents a bus, the blue represents a train and so on. It was a very successful exhibition and more people came than we had initially expected. 

In addition to the installation, we also made some stop-motion animations. This is a collaborative stop-motion animation I did with Eftichia Ioannou that we also presented at the exhibition. I started it alone and then she involved herself too. I took a photograph of every little movement she did then edited everything in windows movie maker.

Here is another stop-motion animation that I made with Stefania Papayianni after the first one. She had the idea and I incorporated some of my ideas in it as well. I used a fan to make the threads move around while Stefania took the photos. I suggested we put an extract from the song '9 Crimes' by Damien Rice, to add to the atmosphere and rhythm of the animation. We finally decided to present the first one because it was more playful and gives positive energy, which we needed because our exhibition was a social one.

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