Sunday, 23 September 2012

Gallery Visits Cyprus 2012 (Part 2)

I also visited the ''Evagoras and Kathleen Lanitis Centre'' at the Carobmill in the Old Castle area in Limassol. The exhibition was called ''Nautilus Cyprus 2012''. There are usually group exhibitions there from time to time. I like to keep myself updated on whenever there is a new one and do my best to go when I can. There was range of different artists and a variety of works. Starting from drawing and painting, all the way to installation and film. I took some photos of the works I found interesting.
Since there were no other exhibitions taking place I visited other galleries that had a paintings for sale, and some that had permanent exhibitions. These included Peter's, Rouan and Zacharias Gallery. I took some photographs of the works that were of interest to me. This first one in particular reminded me of Jenny Saville's work, due to the rich colour and apparent brushstrokes. The second and third reminded me of Marlene Dumas's work. I find they are very mysterious and ghost-like, due to the faint, faded faces, and grey tones. The fourth and fifth are works of Savvas Georgiades, another famous Greek painter whose work was in the National Portrait Gallery. He focuses on people and the face. He has a series of works where he distorts and warps the image before he starts working on canvas. He also uses thick layers of paint and a lot of trial and error.

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